Are Triple And Double Pane Windows Worth It?Now that the year is ending, you may be thinking about home renovation projects for the upcoming year. Is it time to replace those old, drafty windows? Have you considered triple or double pane windows to improve the energy efficiency in your home?

Vinyl windows are the best choice when it comes to replacement windows. Additionally, upgrading to vinyl windows with double or triple panes can greatly reduce those high energy costs that we all have been facing. 

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of double and triple-pane windows. Read on for more information on the pros of these highly insulated windows.

What are Triple or Double Pane Windows?

Everyone knows about single-pane windows, as they are the standard in most homes. However, some homeowners are still unaware of the added benefits of triple or double pane windows.

Double pane windows are those windows that are installed with an additional pane of glass. Of course, triple pane windows are the same, but with one additional glass pane. You might have heard them referred to as triple or double glazed windows. These two terms are interchangeable for any windows that are equipped with additional window glass.

There are many pros of upgrading to windows with additional panes. As we mentioned earlier, reduced energy bills are the primary plus of double or triple-paned windows. Below we will discuss the further advantages of this window feature.

Pros of Triple and Double Pane Windows

  • Superior Insulation Properties

Windows with additional window panes can be filled with inert gasses in between the window glass. Typically krypton or argon, these gasses work to lower the transference of heat as well as cold between the panes of glass. In addition to insulating your home with maximum efficiency, these gases also help prevent frost and condensation from forming on your windows. As you probably already know, some condensation is normal, especially during cold weather. However, too much condensation can lead to mold growth on your windows. These gasses will help prevent this while keeping your home at a comfortable temperature all year long. 

  • Noise Reduction

Another plus of additional window panes is noise reduction. This is especially helpful if you live in an area in which there is a lot of noise pollution. The added window glass acts as an additional barrier from those pesky outside noises such as traffic. If you value soundproof windows, then windows with double or triple panes are right up your alley.

  • Added Home Security

Not only are double and triple pane windows an excellent sound barrier, but they are also more secure than single-pane windows. They provide added protection from break-ins. If you want even more protection, you can opt for additional window locks and laminated window glass.

  • Add Low-E Coatings for Added Energy Efficiency

Low Emissivity or low E coatings can help reflect sunlight away from your home. This is a great feature in the summer on those exceeding hot and humid days. As well, the coating works to protect your furnishing, carpet, and other belongings from damage from ultraviolet light.

  • Wide Array of Style Options and Upgrades

Almost every window shape, design, and size can be upgraded with additional window panes. As well, you can still add upgrades such as extra locks, window grids, and decorative glass options such as frosted, tinted, or stained window glass. 

To get the best price on double or triple pane windows, contact your local Oakville windows and doors company. Be sure to ask about Low-E coatings for added efficiency and lower energy costs.