Best Time to Buy Windows for Home Renovations

Most homeowners choose to renovate their homes as part of their spring cleaning. Winter is over and the weather is warm, but not too hot. However, is this the best time to buy windows for your Oakville area home?

Before you purchase new windows and doors in Oakville, you need to take several factors into consideration. Of course, the weather is one of the main factors. In this article, we shall give you insight from the experts as to when is the best time for window replacement. 

Oakville Residents: Best Time To Buy Windows

Each season has pros and cons as to when is the best time to buy windows and doors, but here is a general breakdown.


Generally, homeowners would not even consider getting replacement windows during the winter. The cold and harsh weather, such as wind, snow and ice, seems to deter people from taking on home renovation projects. 

Believe it or not, winter is one of the best times to install new windows and doors. Windows and installers tend to have more time on their hands as it is a slow season, so you won’t have to wait a long time to set up a time to complete the project. Many windows and doors companies also have sales, special, or discount rates during this time as demand is low, so you may be able to get your windows and doors for a real bargain. You and your contractor will just have to ensure that your home is not exposed to the elements during the installation process. 


Summer is one of the busiest times for contactors as most homeowners have more time available for repairs and renovations. The weather is also more cooperative, minus a few really hot days and summer storms. In addition, the days are longer so contractors are able to work more hours in a day and complete the job in a shorter time frame in most cases. 

Keep in mind that it will be challenging to find a contractor due to high demand. As well, the heat, humidity, and rainy season may put a damper on your home improvement plans. 


Fall is a good time for window and door installation as the weather is ideal. Not too hot, not too cold and the bugs are starting to die. However, like Summer, Fall is a busy time for contractors, so finding someone to do the job might be challenging. 

One of the pros about getting your windows installed during the Fall is that your new windows will be in place for the cold winter months. You will be able to see the return on your investment as your heating bills will suddenly decrease by leaps and bounds due to your energy-efficient new doors and windows! You can also rest assured that your home will be protected from the elements during the approaching winter months.


Spring is the best time to buy windows and doors. The weather is just right and the days are starting to get longer. However, due to these factors, it is also the busiest time for contractors and windows and doors companies. If you plan to install new windows during the Spring month, it is best to schedule your installation weeks or even months in advance to ensure that you can get an appointment during the busy season. 

You can decide which season is best for you based on the above criteria. Contact TH Windows and Doors Oakville to schedule the best time to buy windows. We will work with you to see what time fits your schedule and ours. We can help you choose the best energy-efficient doors and windows for your Oakville home. Call today for a free estimate from our expert staff!