Best Tips for How to Install a Window

Learning how to install a window isn’t difficult. You can accomplish this type of project on your own easily. You will need to make sure you have the required tools to finish the job. You will need to gather a screwdriver, a tape measure, and a pry bar. Putty, caulk, and a utility knife may also be needed for the process. Installing new windows can be a risky process if you do not know what you are doing. The best tip to follow is to measure everything multiple times. You can only make one cut, but you can always measure multiple times. By taking multiple measurements, you can drastically reduce the chances of a mistake. 

After Measurements

Once you have made multiple measurements, you can start removing the old Oakville windows. Use a screwdriver to remove the screen or storm sector of the window. The next step to take when learning how to install a window depends on what type of windows you have. Sash weights and sash springs are the two basic types of windows you will encounter. Installing new windows takes time and patience. Don’t be discouraged if you have a hard time, especially if you are working with older windows. Windows with weights will have to have the cords cut before being removed. You can accomplish this with a utility knife. Simply cut the cord and let the weight fall into the frame. If you have sash springs, you will need to remove them carefully. 

Identifying Stops in the Window

When you are educating yourself about how to install a window, you should view all of the window stops. There are parting stops, exterior stops, and interior stops on a window. If you are installing a window from the inside of your home, you should remove the exterior stops. If you are installing the window from the outside of your home, you should remove the interior stops. Pry the stop off using a utility knife. If they won’t pop off easily, they might be deeply embedded into the frame of the window. This can present a problem, as they are more difficult to remove. If this is the case, you will need a saw that oscillates to take care of the job. 

Clean the Window Frame

Once you have removed the window stops, the next step in learning how to install a window is to clean the window area. Make sure there isn’t any debris or caulk left around the window frame. You want to place your new window into a clean frame. A dirty frame can compromise the integrity of the fit. Apply flashing tape to the window frame. Place the window into the frame for a test run. Do not apply any caulk or adhesive. Place the dry window into the frame. Make sure there is a bit of room after the window is placed in the frame. You will need a little space to work with. Remove the window and place it somewhere safe. 

Final Steps to Follow

You will need to apply a generous amount of caulk to the top and bottom of the frame. Place the window into the frame. You might need to use shims to secure the window for a little bit. Check the sashes and screw the window into the frame. Apply caulk around the sector where the window meets the frame. Screw the shims in place for added security. Test the window to ensure it opens easily. Remove excess caulk using the putty knife. You can turn to us at TH Windows and Doors Oakville to learn more information about our products.