Best Window Cleaner for Oakville Homeowners

A clean window is a telltale sign of a clean home. Clean windows will last longer than windows that have been neglected. As well, they will allow for ample sunlight to fill your home. But what is the best window cleaner?

In this article, we shall provide tips for DIY window frame cleaner and other tips to keep your Oakvillie windows squeaky clean!

Best Window Cleaner: Advice from the Pros

The best advice we can give you for cleaning your Oakville windows is to not waste your money on store-brand cleaners or harsh and toxic chemicals. Use the following DIY recipes to make the best window frame cleaner!

Simple Homemade Window Cleaner for Stubborn Streaks

Mix 2 cups of water, ¼ cup of white vinegar, and ½ teaspoon of liquid dish detergent (blue dish detergent works best) in a spray bottle. Use this mixture to clean stubborn streaks. The best part about this is this cleaner is also safe to use on most household surfaces and is safe for the environment. 

Best Window Cleaner for Grimy Windows

Did you just move into your home? Or have you been away for an extended period of time? Maybe your windows are extra grimy. This solution will clean even the dirtiest windows! Simply warm up 1 cup of full-strength white vinegar and apply directly to the window to clean. 

Everyday Window Cleaning Solution

For windows that just need a quick clean, combine one cup of white vinegar with one cup of water in a spray bottle. Again, this can also be kept for an everyday household cleaner.

The Power of White Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the best-kept cleaning secrets. As it is antibacterial as well as non-toxic, it can be used to safely clean a number of surfaces in your home. It is environmentally safe, economical, and safely kills household germs. 

When used to clean windows, white vinegar quickly breaks down any grime or film due to its acidic composition. As well, your windows will be streak-free. (Bonus tip: use newspaper to dry your windows to keep them shiny and streak-free!)

Tips for Cleaning Windows 

  1. It is best to clean the windows in your home on a day when it is cloudy. Direct sunlight can prohibit you from seeing dirt and streaks.
  2. Have all your materials handy, including whichever of the above vinegar solutions you will be using to clean your windows. Also have something to dry your windows: a microfiber cloth, clean, dry squeegee, or newspaper.
  3. You should also have q-tips or even an old toothbrush for those hard-to-reach areas such as any small crevices or corners. 
  4. Clean the inside of the windows first as these are normally cleaner than the outside windows. 
  5. Putting a towel on the window sill will help absorb any excess water. Wood windows will absorb water quickly which can cause them to rot or warp more readily and shorten their lifespan.
  6. Use a circular motion to clean your windows from top to bottom.
  7. Pro Tip: Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to remove stubborn water stains as well as silicone caulk.
  8. If your home is more than one story, it is always best to hire a professional window frame cleaner to clean the outside windows above the first floor for your safety.

Still, need some tips on how to clean windows? Contact the experts at TH Windows and Doors Oakville. We can offer you advice on the best window cleaning solutions. As well, we can help you choose the right style of energy-efficient windows and doors for your Oakville home. Call today for a free quote!