How to Choose the Best Bathroom Windows for Your Oakville Area HomeWhen replacing the windows in your home, you should also consider updating your bathroom windows. The right windows can help make your home, including your bathroom, more energy-efficient. 

The best design for windows in your bathroom for energy efficiency is vinyl windows. But which style will best fit your bathroom? Continue reading for advice on choosing the right type of windows for the bathrooms in your home. TH Windows and Doors Oakville has a vast array of stylish and energy-efficient window designs for any room in your home. 

Bathroom Windows: Design Options

  • Awning Windows

One of the most practical designs for bathrooms is awning windows. These crank-style windows are designed with a hinge on the top of the frame so that they open outward. The main advantage of this window design is that you can leave them open no matter what the weather as they will protect your home from rain or snow. Designed with a compression seal, they are also highly energy efficient

Those looking for a more decorative option should consider combining a fixed window with an awning window. You can opt for a semi-circle design either on top or bottom of the awning window as well as many other attractive designs. 

  • Casement Windows

Similar to awning windows, crank-style, casement windows are also designed with a hinge to open outward away from your home. However, they are hinged on the side. Also equipped with a compression seal, casement windows are ideal for maximum energy efficiency. 

For more style options, you can pair a fixed window with a casement window for optional ventilation, natural light, and energy efficiency.

  • Hung Windows

Although they are not as energy-efficient as the aforementioned crank-style windows, hung windows are a popular choice for bathrooms, especially in older homes. Both single and double-hung windows are an ideal source of natural light and airflow. However, as they are designed with weather stripping as opposed to a compression seal, they are not as energy efficient as their crank-style counterparts. 

  • Sliding Windows

Another option for bathroom window designs is sliding windows. While they are less expensive than crank windows, however, they are not as energy-efficient. Similar to hung windows, they are designed with weather stripping. Slider windows glide along a track to open smoothly and are easy to clean. 

If you prefer sliding or hung windows but want to add an extra degree of energy efficiency, you can opt for updates such as Low-E coatings or double or triple pane windows with inert gases between the window panes. 

Additional Ideas for Bathroom Windows

  • Privacy Glass

Your bathroom definitely requires a certain degree of privacy. If you do not wish to have window treatments in your bathroom, you can upgrade to privacy glass. There are many different levels of transparency available, so make sure to discuss your options with your windows contractor

  • Waterproof Curtains, Blinds, or Shades

If your bathroom window is located above your bathtub or shower, you will certainly want privacy. If you do not wish to upgrade to privacy glass, there are plenty of waterproof curtains, shades, and blinds available for privacy. 

  • Stylish Window Treatments to Match Your Bathroom

To really make your bathroom stand out, you can opt for a variety of styles when it comes to window treatments. These include Venetian blinds, Roman blinds, drapes, curtains, blinds, and window shades. 

  • Decorative Window Glass Designs

Another great way to spruce up your bathroom is by upgrading to one of the many options for window glass. These induce frosted or tinted windows as well as stained glass windows. Your local window and doors company will be happy to discuss these options with you during your initial consultation.