How to Choose The Right Front Door Paint to Accentuate Your Home

Now that Spring is upon us, many homeowners are starting the process of home renovation. Have you considered painting your front door to give your home an updated look? Whether you have an older door that is still in good condition or have purchased a new door, you might need some tips on how to choose the right front door paint.

Before painting the exterior door on your Oakville area home, you need to decide what color scheme will best compliment the style of your home. Are you going for a traditional, homey feel or do you prefer a bold color choice to make your home stand out? 

The following tips will help you narrow down your choices for paint for exterior doors Oakville. A fresh coat of paint can really boost your curb appeal and also help raise the market value of your home!

Tips for Choosing Front Door Paint

  • Match The Paint With The Style of Your Home

Keep in mind that you do not have to stick with boring or traditional colors if you wish to think outside the box and opt for a bold and colorful paint color. But it is a good idea to take the style of your home and the color of the other exterior elements when making a final selection. 

Older homes often feature front door paint colors that are rich such as deep green, dark red, navy blue, or even black. Modern and contemporary homes often have bold and bright colors while farmhouse and cottage style homes are often adorned in cheerful colors inspired by nature.

  • If You Are Considering Selling Your Home in The Foreseeable Future, You Should Opt For a Popular Paint Color for Your Front And Exterior Doors

It has been noted that potential homeowners are more likely to purchase a home with a door that has been painted red, white, brown, blue, or green. The least popular colors according to recent real estate studies are purple, gray, yellow, orange, pink, and mauve.

  • Make Sure That You Buy The Right Kind of Paint for Your Front Door

Your front door is not only the entrance to your home, it also helps prevent your home from the elements. Harsh wind and rain can wreak havoc on your exterior doors so it is important to use paint that will not fade or peel easily. Latex paints are weather-resistant and one of the most popular choices for painting front doors. However, you must take into consideration the material of which the door is made. Metal doors will need paint that can stand up against rust. 

Also, no matter what type of paint you use, it is crucial that you prime the door before applying the paint. As well, you should clean the door to remove any existing dirt and debris.

Exterior door paints are available in a multitude of stylish finishes including glossy, semi-glossy, and matte. If you wish to enhance the little details on your door, opt for a high-gloss paint color. However, if you wish to hide any blemishes, it is best to go with a semi-gloss paint. 

Keep in mind that some communities such as condominiums have restrictions and guidelines as to what colors can and cannot be used for painting the exterior of your home. Be sure to adhere to these guidelines to avoid any fines or penalties.

Still, need help choosing a color for your front door? For help with paint color and other issues regarding exterior doors such as energy efficiency and safety features, contact TH Windows and Doors Oakville. We have the best selection of doors in the Oakville area and our staff is always willing to answer your concerns. Call us today for a free quote for quality replacement doors and windows.