How to install a Deadbolt Lock: Tips for Oakville Homeowners

Like most homeowners in the Oakville area, home safety is always a top priority. Making sure your home is safe from break-ins with a deadbolt lock and a secure entry door can give you added peace of mind. If you know how to install a deadbolt,  you are one step closer to a safe and secure home. 

If you need help installing a deadbolt, either contact your local windows and exterior doors Oakville company or use the following step-by-step guide. 

The following article outlines a step-by-step guide for installing a deadbolt. With the right tools and some basic home repair know-how, you can easily accomplish this task on your own.

How to Install a Deadbolt on Exterior Doors

Follow these steps to correctly install a deadbolt lock on your exterior doors in Oakville:

1st Step: Bore a Hole in the Entry Door For the New Deadbolt

In order to properly place the new deadbolt, you must first bore the door paint. Choose the spot you wish to add the deadbolt on the outside of the door, approximately six inches to one foot above the doorknob. Use a pencil to mark the spot on the exterior as well as the interior and door jamb where you plan to install the deadbolt.

Carefully following the directions on the package, affix the template for the backseat. Drill two holes about 2 and one-eighth of an inch for the screws using the jig that comes in the kit. Use the faceplate screws to secure it in place. Next drill a hole of the same size to affix the assembly for the deadbolt. Use a one-inch hole saw to drill the shaft for the deadbolt. This should extend from the edge of the door to the center of the previous hole,

*If the entry door was recently installed, it may be necessary to make a slot on the door’s edge on which to affix the faceplate. Set the deadbolt into the hole and trace the edge of the faceplate using a pencil. Next, chisel a depth that will allow it to lay flush on the edge and refinish the door.

Using the jig supplied in the kit, mark the faceplate and lockset. Using a drill with a router bit to cut along the groves, attach the jig. Any remaining product can be easily chiseled away. Drill two holes on the door jamb with a depth of approximately one inch on the mark made above. Be sure they overlap and are below and above the century point. Chisel away any extra residue in the deadbolt hole. Affix the strike component against the hole, marking for screws. Drill ⅛-inch pilot holes and remove any residue with a chisel.

2nd Step: Affix the Deadbolt

*If the deadbolt is a keypad, you will use the instructions provided for the keypad attachment. 

After making sure that everything is properly signed, place the deadbolt in the hole on the door’s edge, using the provided screws to attach. Next, affix the assembly for the thumb turn. Affix the mourning plate on the interior of the door. Next use the screws included in the kit to attach the turn assembly and the deadbolt. (For a keypad, you would now install the screws and make sure that the provided cables and battery unit are securely inside the deadbolt attachment. Now, you can install the thumb turn and test the unit to see if it locks properly.

Should you have any further inquiries on how to install a deadbolt, do not hesitate to contact TH Windows and Doors Oakville. We can provide you with expert advice as well as a quote for energy-efficient windows and doors for your Oakville area home.