How to Install Entry Door Lock: Smart Lock Installation Guide

Many homeowners are opting for smart homes. This may include smart appliances, smart windows, and even smart entry doors. But now everyone knows how to install entry door locks, especially smart locks.

This guide will show you how to install smart locks on your exterior doors. Smart locks are another way to add extra protection to your home. TH Windows and Doors Oakville offers a wide selection of sturdy and secure exterior doors in an array of sizes, materials, and designs.

How to Install Entry Door Lock

These are the tools you will need to install  your smart lock for your exterior doors in Oakville:

  • Interior lock and mounting plate
  • Exterior touch keypad
  • Battery cover
  • Strike plate
  • Deadlatch
  • Wood mounting screws (4)
  • Long through bolts (2)
  • Philips Screwdriver
  • AA Batteries (4)
  • Door Checker
  • Installation Template
  • Key free cylinder

Step 1: In order to properly install the smart lock, you need to determine the correct way to place it. Before you remove your current door lock, take note of which side the door hinge is located on

Step 2: Remove the current lock from the entry door

Step 3: Carefully remove the pre-programmed lock from the device box. Securing with the wooden screws, install the deadlatch

Step 4:  Use the remaining wooden screws to attach the strike plate to the frame of the door

Step 5: Take care to check the tailpiece on your keypad to make sure the arrow and “top” mark are facing upward before you install the touch keypad to the outside part of the front door

Step 6: Carefully slide the tailpiece into the center hole of the deadlatch. Slide the cable through the handle of the door, making sure it is underneath the latch. The keypad should be then pushed into place, making sure it is adjacent to the bought exterior door

Step 7: Guide the cable through the hole on the mounting plate, while placing it in the correct position on the inside of the door. Use the long bolts to secure the mounting plate

Step 8: From the interior lock, take off the battery cover. Next, located inside the lock’s interior, you will connect the cable to the adaptor. The cable should be seated inside the lock under the cable hook

Step 9: Affix the interior lock to the mounting plate, making sure the thumb turn is positioned horizontally. The bottom of the lock should be hooked until you hear a click. Next, the top portion of the lock should be put into place. Use two machine crews to secure it to the wall, in the corners

Step 10: the key-free cylinder should then be inserted into the exterior keypad handle, so the bar is facing opposite the latch.  Place four AA batteries in the battery slot and reaffix the cover

Step 11: Making sure to do so in the proper direction, snap on the exterior and interior

Step 12: Place your hand on the smart lock keypad to power it up

Step 13: Follow the directions to set up your pin code. This can be done manually using the instructions provided or online

Directions for the specific smart lock you have purchased should be equipped with a detailed instruction manual as some brands may differ. As well, you should be able to find out how to install an entry door lock for your smart lock on the manufacturer’s website

In addition, you can contact the company that sold you the door lock, or your local windows and doors company should you have any questions on how to install a smart door lock on your home.