How to Install Replacement Vinyl Basement Windows in Oakville

Have you been debating about replacing your basement windows but are not sure about installation costs? Why not install them on your own? If you know how to install replacement vinyl windows, you can cut out the cost of installation.

Use the following guide to install your windows in Oakville for your basement. Once you have ordered the windows and stocked up on the proper tools, all you need to do is to adhere to these guidelines and you are all set!

How to Install Replacement Vinyl Basement Windows

  •  Take Out The Old Window and Window Frame in Your Basement 

Once your new basement windows Oakville have arrived, you will need to take out the existing window and frame. First, the window sash will need to be removed. After removing the window sash, cut the window frame by using an angle grinder. The metal cutting wheel of a grinder will help you to cut the frame from the bottom of the window and to the inside. Repeat the same process for the top window frame (this step is not needed if there is sheathing or siding on the top flange). In an X shape from the center, pry away the sides of the metal frame. A reciprocating saw can be used to cut the top flange outer section once this has been removed.

  • Prepare The Opening of The Window

Use masonry or pneumatic chisel or hammer to carefully chisel away the concrete that remains on the hollow sash at the bottom or top. Next, making sure it is totally saturated, coat the opening with a siloxane seal generously. Gently wipe away any excess. Allow the surface to dry before moving on to the next step.

On top of the window sill that is pressure treated (2*8), place the new window pane. It should fit tightly if it is cut properly. Make a mark for this position for later use.

Use masonry screws and adhesive sealant to secure the window into the marked opening. You will be able to change to masonry bits for the concrete once the pilot holes are bored. On the bottom, use the sealant to make sure the window sill is securely in place.

  • Prepare The Bucks

Now place the window in the center and dry fit it. The pieces may need to be tapered if the opening of the concrete is off by more than one-fourth of an inch. If there is not enough room, the mudsill is used to fasten the window. To fill out the gaps, the side buck pieces between the concrete and the window should be cut. To account for the sealant, subtract one-sixth of an inch before cutting. Trim head screws can be used to fasten the buck tightly. 

  • Window Sealing And Stops

For the front edge of the window sealing, stops must be cut from 5/4 cedar and fastened to the mudsill and the side bucks with screws. Apply sealant on the stops and slide the window into the previously marked place. Allowing for a bit of wiggle room, a block plane may be used. Using screws that are long enough to fit into the wood without sticking out of the concrete part, screw the window sides into the pieces of the side buck.

  • Apply An Additional Coat of Sealant

Add a final coat of sealant on all edges of the window on the interior. Do the same on the exterior and top of the window. To ensure proper drainage, do not seal the window from the outside.

Call TH Windows and Doors Oakville if you need more advice on how to install replacement vinyl basement windows. We can give you tips as well as a quote for the most energy-efficient windows and doors in the Oakville area.