How to Measure Height, Thickness and Width of Exterior Door

As the entry doors are the first thing visitors notice about your home, you want it to be aesthetically pleasing and functional. Replacing your existing entry doors with stylish doors that are sturdy and well-insulated is a great way to drive up the resale value of your Oakville area home. If you are considering ordering new doors, you will want to get the right measurements for an exterior door’s thickness, height, and width.

In the following guide, you will learn exactly how to measure the specifications of your entry doors. This will ensure that you order the right size exterior doors Oakville. If you do not have the correct measurements, you will have to reorder the door, which will cost money and time. 

Measuring Height, Thickness, And Width of Exterior Door

As stated above, it is imperative that you obtain the proper measurements before ordering replacement doors for your home’s exterior. Not all doors come in standard or normal door sizes, so you want to get it right before you purchase the replacement doors. Follow the rule-of-thumb of “measure twice, count once” to ensure that your calculations are correct.

Not all entry doors are created equal, so getting these measurements correct the first time is important. This is especially true if you have double french doors or custom or modern front doors. Use these steps to obtain the correct measurements of your exterior doors.

  • Measure the Width

Use a tape measure and measure the door starting at the left corner and ending at the right. Be sure to measure the exterior door’s width and not the door frame or weather stripping. Measure twice and record the number.

*Standard door width for Oakville doors is typical as follows: 91 cm, 81cm, or 76 cm.

  • Measure the Height

Using a tape measure, obtain the measurement from the top corner of the door to the bottom corner. Take care only to measure the door, not the door sweep or other components. Obtain two measurements, and don’t forget to record them.

*Standard door height for doors in Oakville is 200 cm.

  • Measure the Thickness

Next, measure the edge of the door to obtain the thickness. Many people forget to obtain this measurement and end up with doors that are too thick for their door frames. This simple and quick measurement can save you from having to reorder your exterior doors. As always, measure twice, then record. It’s also a good idea to measure the door jamb as well, the measurement should be close to the one you just obtained for the thickness of the door.

*Oakville doors are typically 4.4 cm in thickness.

  • Measure the Width and Height of the Space of the Door Frame

For added confidence that your measurements are correct, it can’t hurt to measure the area of the door frame. As with the above calculations, measure twice and then record. 

First, measure from the height of the door, in the middle of the door, and then measure from the floor to the trim underside along the top of the door.

When you are ready to order replacement exterior doors, you can count on TH Windows and Doors Oakville. Be sure to have the correct measurements of an exterior door’s thickness, height, and width. If you need assistance, we can meet with you in your home to get the proper measurements and help you choose the best energy-efficient entry doors for your home. Call us today for a free quote.