How to Winterize Windows and Doors: Tips for Oakville Area ResidentsNow that winter is upon us and temperatures are dropping, you are doing everything possible to keep your home warm and cozy. One of the best things is knowing how to winterize windows and doors to protect your home from the bitter cold.

In this blog, we shall provide you with helpful times on how to weather-proof your windows and doors Oakville. This will not only trap the heat indoors where it belongs, but it can help deter increased energy costs. Keep reading for expert tips!

How to Winterize Windows and Doors

Use these tips to weatherproof your Oakville windows and doors this winter!

Windows and Doors

  • Caulking

One of the best tips for preventing frozen windows we can offer on winterizing windows and doors is to apply caulking to both. Caulk is inexpensive and easy to apply. Most homeowners prefer polyurethane caulking as it adheres well and does not attract dirt, dust, and other debris.

  • Weatherstripping

You can apply weather stripping to your windows and doors to protect against cold-biting winds. Again, it is easy to apply and affordable. 

  • Insulate your doors and windows

Spray insulation is a great way to protect your doors and windows, as it deters drafts. You can also use spray foam, but it must be the type that is used for doors and windows only. This is also cost-effective and does not take much time or effort.

  • Inspect your doors and windows

You should carefully inspect your windows and doors to ensure no cracks, dents, or other damages. You should consider door and window replacement if anything is not in proper working order. Energy-effect windows and doors can dramatically lower monthly energy bills


  • Install storm windows

Many homes already have storm windows. However, if they don’t, they are a worthwhile investment. They can help keep the harsh winds at bay and protect your home from snow, sleet, and bitter cold drafts. They are easy to install, and you can remove them once warmer weather returns.

  • Cover window wells in your basement or crawl space

If the windows in your crawl space or basement have window wells, one of the best ways to prevent drafts is to use caps to cover them. This helps to trap heat and detract cold air, as well as preventing condensation.

  • Hang cellular shades or thermal window fashions

If you don’t mind window treatments, thermally lined drapes and cellular shades are a great way to keep your home nice and warm this winter!

  • Upgrade to energy-efficient windows

A surefire way to winter-proof your home is to upgrade to energy-efficient windows with double or triple panes. These windows can be filled with inert gases to trap the heat in your home and prevent condensation.


  • Install a draft guard

Draft guards are inexpensive, easy to install, and an excellent way to prevent cold air from leaking into your home. If you don’t want to purchase one, you can use a rolled-up blanket or towel at the bottom of your entry doors.

  • Add door gaskets

Mounted door gaskets are a great deterrent to cold drafts as they provide a tight seal that, in most cases, can be adjusted if needed. 

  • Install a deadbolt

Not only is a deadbolt a great way to protect your home from break-ins, but it also ensures that your door is sealed as tightly as possible to keep the cold air at bay.

  • Upgrade to energy-efficient doors

Doors with higher R-values are designed to withstand better the harsh, bitterly cold weather conditions we are used to in Oakville. Your doors will be highly insulated, and your heating costs will decrease.

Need more tips on how to winterize windows and doors? Call the experts at TH Windows and Doors Oakville. We will gladly advise you as to what style of windows and doors are the most energy-efficient. Call us today for a free quote!