Styles of Sliding Patio Doors for Oakville ResidentsHave you recently added a patio, deck, or garden area to your home? Are you considering adding a stylish patio door? Have you considered sliding patio doors but are not sure if they are the right fit for your Oakville home?

In the following article, we shall discuss the different styles of sliding doors for your patio, deck, or other outdoor space. This can help you make a better choice when it comes time to upgrade your Oakville doors.

Sliding Patio Doors Styles

Lift and Slide Patio Doors

This style of sliding patio doors is basically what the name suggests. This style of sliding door is inline and operates on a sliding track when you pull the handle. This handle operates a sophisticated system of gears which are located near the sash of the sliding doors. This style of patio sliding door can consist of anywhere from two to six panels and is one of the most popular styles of patio doors.

Automatic Sliding Patio Doors

Many door companies make automatic sliding doors. Those who are installing patio doors as part of their exterior door replacement might wish to explore this style as they are becoming more and more mainstream. This style of door glides open easily via the touch of a button. Of course, there will be additional costs in addition to needing a contractor that is skilled in installing automatic sliding doors. 

Pocket Sliding Doors

Those who are considering additions to their homes might opt for pocket-style sliding doors. The advantage of this style of sliding door is that it is basically hidden from view as it slides into a wall pocket. They are ideal for modern to contemporary style homes.

Tilt and Slide Patio Doors

Those who are familiar with tilt and turn windows will have some idea as to how this style of patio door functions. Those who are looking for ventilation as a feature of their patio doors will love these doors as they are able to tilt outward to allow for airflow.

Inline Sliding Patio Doors

This style of patio door is the most popular as it is also the most conventional. This style of the door simply slides into the door frame. As well, it can be installed in as many as two, three, or four panels and a variety of designs. 

Slimline Sliding Patio Doors

Those who prefer the minimalist style will love this slimline design. This is ideal for those who want more of a glass ratio as opposed to the door material. 

Pros of Sliding Patio Doors

Following are the advantages of this popular door style.

  • Energy Efficient: Vinyl sliding doors are energy efficient as they can be installed with either double or triple panes and filled with inert gases. Additionally, they can be coated with Low-E coatings for added energy efficiency.
  • Superior Source of Natural Light: Those who love natural light will be extremely pleased with the amount of natural light that sliding glass doors provide. Basically, a picture window that also serves as an entry door, sliding doors offer both maximum sunlight and an optimal view of your gorgeous outdoor space. 
  • Adds Space to Any Room: Sliding patio doors are a great way to open up any room of your home such as your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or other areas. As they slide on a track instead of opening inward or outward, they also save space. This is an advantage for those who will be moving items such as patio furniture or other times from inside the home to out and vice versa. This is also ideal for functions such as garden parties, family gatherings, and barbeques. 

Imagine sitting in your living room watching the sunset or gazing at the stars from the stunning unobstructed view provided by your sliding glass patio doors. Consult your local windows and doors company for pricing, installation times, and more.