The Best Bedroom Window Designs for A Relaxing Oasis

Is it time to replace your bedroom window? Looking for the best style window to give your bedroom that special warm and cozy vibe to escape from the world for a bit? With many window designs available for a stylish bedroom, you might need some help choosing the best windows for your bedroom.

Continue reading for tips for choosing the best bedroom windows for your home. Consult your local windows and doors company for windows replacement cost and to schedule a time for installation.

Best Bedroom Window Designs

Architectural Windows

Those looking to vamp up the vibe of their bedroom will love architectural bedroom window designs. With a unique shape, this style of window can be installed solely or paired with other window designs. As they are most often custom-designed, window replacement costs might increase a bit, but they are worth every dollar for their added aesthetic appeal.

As they come in a myriad of shapes and sizes, architectural windows can completely change the vibe of your home. From hexagons to semi-circles to ovals, there are many styles to choose from. While this design is an excellent source of light, it cannot be opened for ventilation. However, you can pair them with casement windows if you wish to enjoy a gentle breeze.

Picture Windows

If you really wish to add some flair to your bedroom, picture windows might be your best bet. They are the optimal way to let the outdoors in as they provide a stunning, unobstructed view of your outdoor space. And they are indeed the best choice for those who love natural lighting. 

However, picture windows are fixed, which means they do not open or close to allow for ventilation To counteract this, most homeowners pair their bedroom picture windows with casement windows to allow a gentle breeze to fill their room.

Casement Bedroom Windows

Casement windows are among the top choices for bedroom windows. With their crank-style design, they open easily with a crank handle. Their hinged design allows them to open outward for maximum airflow. Designed with a compression seal, they will keep your home cool during the hot summer nights and toasty warm on even the coldest winter evenings. 

Their hinged design allows you to open your windows even during gentle rain without fear of water leaking into your home. As well, they are designed to keep bugs and other pests from entering your bedroom. As an added incentive, most casement windows meet the requirements for egress windows.

Bow or Bay Windows

If you have always dreamed of a window seat or cozy reading nook, bay or bow windows are exactly what you desire. Bay windows are made up of three different window units, while bow windows can have as many as five. They can be a combination of both picture and casement windows if ventilation is required. These window designs add space and style to your bedroom.

Hung Windows

As they have been the preferred window style for decades, single or double-hung windows are most commonly found in older homes. They allow for ample sunlight and provide sufficient ventilation. However, due to their design, they are not nearly as energy-efficient as crank-style windows,

Sliding Windows

Another popular choice for bedroom windows, double or single sliding windows are favored due to their ease of operation. They provide both light and fresh air to your bedroom and are also a breeze when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. 

Get in touch with your local windows and doors company today for prices for the best energy-efficient and stylish bedroom windows today!