Tips for Homeowners for Window Leak Repair

Tired of leaking windows? Need some tips on leaking window repair?

Leaking windows are something every homeowner will face at one time or another. In this article, we will provide tips on how to fix leaky windows. If there is no easy fix, it might be time to consider replacing your Oakville windows and doors.

Guide to Window Leak Repair

Here are some helpful tips on the causes of window leaks, how to repair them as well as some tips on how to prevent them. If these tips do not resolve the issue, it might be time for windows and exterior doors replacement.

Possible Causes For Leaky Windows

  • Poorly installed windows

Windows that have not been properly installed can cause window leaks and air drafts, both of which can cause issues for homeowners. Check your warranty to see if window leak repair is covered due to poorly installed windows.

  • Improper maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining your windows regularly helps prolong their lifespan. Windows that have not been maintained properly are susceptible to window leaks. Following are some of the causes of leaky windows due to lack of maintenance.

  • The paint has not been properly sealed
  • There may be a crack in the putty 
  • Caulking may be damaged or missing
  • Home design

If your home is older, the structure may no longer be stable or may need some updating. For example, if your home is designed with poor drainage, this could lead to leaky windows. As well, your rain gutters could be clogged, which can prevent water from draining away from your home and into your vinyl windows. Check to see if your gutters need to be cleaned, as this could be a simple fix. 

Tips for Window Leak Repair

Here are some quick fixes for window leak repair. Again, if these do not work, it may be time to upgrade to energy-efficient windows.

  1. Inspect the gasket between the window glass and wood frame. Use clear silicone caulk to reseal if needed.
  2. Check the exterior caulking. If damaged, recaulk after thoroughly cleaning the window frame. 
  3. From the weep holes in the bottom window frame, remove any dirt, dead insects, and other debris. If your weep holes are clogged, water will drain inside the home instead of away from it. 
  4. Check to see that the sill located at the base of the window frame is pitched properly. It should be pitched downward to drain the water away from your home. 

Tips for Preventing Leaky Windows

One of the benefits of modern windows is that they are virtually maintenance-free. However, some simple routine maintenance can extend the life of your windows and prevent issues such as leaking windows. Use these tips to help prevent leaky windows.

  1. For hung/slider windows that are operational, always check to see if the drainage channels are not clogged. Dirt and debris can cause pooling in the window, which leads to leaking windows.
  2. Regularly inspect the window caulking on the exterior of your windows to see if the seal is continuous. Promptly replace or repair any missing or damaged caulking. 
  3. Keep in mind that leaks do not always come directly from your windows. Rainwater may enter your home via a hole in the chimney, roof, or even loose siding. Inspect your home for gaps in caulking, damaged, loose, or missing shingles as well as any holes in the roofing. 

If you have tried all the above and your windows are still leaking, contact your local windows company. They can assess the damage and advise you whether a window professional window repair or replacement is needed.