Tips for Shopping For New Windows for Oakville Homeowners

As Spring and Summer approach, most homeowners are starting to think of home improvement projects. Is it one of the things on your list to install new windows for your home?

Replacement windows Oakville are the perfect way to give your home a much-needed makeover. They can increase your curb appeal and even boost the market value of your home. Continue reading for tips on shopping for the best replacement windows in Oakville and the surrounding areas.

New Windows Shopping Guide

  • Look for Energy Efficient Windows

Of course, you want your windows to protect your home from break-ins as well as the elements. Harsh winds and other severe weather conditions can wreak havoc on your windows. So why not buying windows that will protect your home as well as lower those monthly energy costs?

Vinyl windows are the best choice when it comes to energy-efficient windows. They are designed with PVC coatings to protect your home from harsh weather as well as reduce heating and cooling costs. 

Opting for double or triple-pane windows can take the energy efficiency of your home even further. These windows can be filled with inert gases and coated with Low-E glazings to help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

  • Consider the Window Design

Choosing the right window design can do so much to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. A picture window can open up your room, filling it with maximum natural lighting. Bow or bay windows seats are a great way to add space and style to any room in your home.

Hung or slider windows are both practical and energy-efficient. Those looking for optimal energy efficiency should consider installing awnings or casement windows. These crank-style windows open outward with a crank mechanism to allow for maximum airflow. And talk about energy efficiency! Crank-style windows are made with a compression seal to boost energy efficiency in any room. As a bonus, most casement windows are egress windows, so they will meet the fire codes required in Oakville.

  • Weigh the Options for Window Installation

If you simply need to replace the window pane and not the full-frame, you can opt for retrofit installation. This can save you money as you are simply replacing the window glass. However, if the window frame itself is in poor condition, full-frame window replacement may be needed. This involves replacing both the window glass and the window frame, as well as any other components such as locks and hinges. 

  • Explore Window Upgrades

If you want to add some flair to your windows, you can opt for architectural-style windows. They come in a wide array of shapes, from circles to arches to octagons. As well you can upgrade to decorative window designs such as stained glass or tinted windows. Window grills are another fun way to dress up your installed windows.

  • Hire the Right Company to Install Your Windows

Choosing the right window company is a must when it comes to new windows. You should do an online search to read reviews of local windows companies as well as get feedback from friends and family.

Another thing you must look for in a window company is that their licensing and certifications are up to date. In addition, ask about their warranty and how they will handle any repairs that may arise in the future.

TH Windows and Doors Oakville is the best place for new windows in Oakville. We have a great selection of energy-efficient windows and doors. Call us today for a free estimate on window replacement and get started with your home improvements today!