Types Of Exterior Doors; Which Is The Right Option For Your Home

The role that exterior doors play in your home cannot be underestimated. For instance, when people visit you, entry doors, without a doubt, are the first elements they see. There are various kinds of entry doors in the market that you can choose to help you create the right impression of your home. In addition to creating the first impression, entry doors are responsible for the security, energy efficiency, and general appearance of your home.

As such, choosing an entry door that functions well makes sense since these doors are normally subjected to a lot of abuse due to continuous use. Remember that they receive a lot of traffic daily. Whether you are searching for a storm door, exterior door, or patio door, you have many options to choose from. All that you need is to choose a door that matches perfectly with the architectural design of your home. Here are various styles you may want to ponder about.

Wood Entry Doors

All homeowners desire to have wooden types of exterior doors, and they go for them to fulfill their desires. As you choose the kind of door for your house, you could have noted the difference between wooden doors and any other type of door. It is quite clear that exterior wood doors are beautiful, durable, and can blend with most houses.

Additionally, they are durable and can offer superb security for your home. However, you should note that Oakville’s wooden entry doors are quite susceptible to extreme weather conditions. These doors can warp, rot, and expand if they are exposed to too much moisture. With little maintenance, however, you can overcome such limitations. 

Steel Entry Doors

Invest in a thick gauge steel exterior door for your family and any other premise if you want maximum security and energy efficiency. Steel is not affected by weather elements like wood and will stand the test of time. An intruder will find it challenging to enter your house with the high-security steel doors offered. With strength comes energy-saving abilities, unlike wooden doors. Steel entry doors have foam core insulation fitted to save your energy throughout the year, reducing the number of bills you pay yearly. Steel doors are flexible with colors as they can be painted; however, you like even with the color of the wooden grains finishes. 

Fiberglass Entry Doors

Fiberglass doors are gaining popularity more than any other kind of doors, as they are strong and durable and can withstand weather changes. Unlike wooden entry doors in Oakville, fiberglass will not be susceptible to rotting, wrapping, or even expanding with unfavorable temperatures. Just like steel doors, fiberglass types of exterior doors are most often filled with a form that is good for insulating your home at all times of the year. During the winter, fiberglass exterior doors are least likely to lose heat, and during the hot summers, they cannot let in temperatures from the environment. 

Fiberglass has excellent finishes to suit all homes, and one can choose from a surfeit of finishes, which can even include wood grain finishes. Moreover, maintenance is minimal with fiberglass doors as they are resistant to bruises, dents, and scratching resulting from wear and tear over time. You will notice that your door will look fresh for a long time. Depending on its finishes, this exterior door might be the best choice for your modern or rustic home. 

Customize Your Entry Door

Maybe you like experimenting with different materials for your home, and you can use materials to achieve your dream exterior door. There is a plethora of stuff that you could choose from to help you craft your entry door according to your desire and creativity. You might need to consult an expert first so that your doors meet your home’s energy needs or blend well with the rest of the house. If your house is old or its design is classic, most designers would advise you to go for a rustic door. However, with modern homes, fiberglass or steel doors with beautiful finishes would work for home.