Ways to Determine Window Prices By Size, Design, and Other FactorsAs the new year approaches, many homeowners are thinking about which home renovations projects they wish to undertake. Of course, they will need to figure out a budget for these projects. If replacing the windows in your home you will need to factor this into the final cost. But how much do replacement windows cost?

In this blog, we will discuss how to determine window prices by size, style, installation type, and other such things. This will help you get a general idea as to how much windows will cost.

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Tips for the Cost of Windows Oakville

Installation Cost

The method of installation will factor into the final cost of windows replacement. Depending on several factors, homeowners can opt for either total window replacement or retrofit window replacement. We will discuss both below.

Total Window Replacement

Total window, or full-frame window, replacement is needed when the existing window frame is older or damaged and cannot be repaired. This can mean that the current window frame is either warped, rotted or somehow otherwise broken beyond repair.

Damaged window frames can lead to additional damage to the window unit or even the structure of the wall. Total window replacement involves replacing both the window and the window frame in its entirety. This includes the window trim, window panes, molding, and even the window jambs. Of course, full-frame window replacement will cost more than partial replacement windows.

Partial Window Replacement

Partial, or retrofit window replacement consists of replacing only the window panes. If the rest of the window unit is intact and in good working condition, partial window replacement is the best option. It is more cost-effective than total window replacement but keeps in mind, it is only the right solution if the existing window frame is still in good working condition.

Window Prices by Size, Design, and Upgrade

Obviously, the final cost of replacing your windows will be impacted by the size of the window. If you are installing picture windows, bow or bay windows or custom designed windows, the cost will be more. In addition, the more windows you are replacing, the higher the cost.

As well, other factors come into play. For example, single-pane windows will cost less than double or triple-pane windows. However, in the long run, double and triple-pane windows will save a great deal of money on energy costs. In fact, over time, triple and double pane windows will pay for themselves. Windows with triple and double panes are highly energy efficient as they can be filled with inert gases to help maintain a comfy indoor temperature year-round. In addition, they also help prevent window condensation.

As well, you can opt for Low-E (low-emissivity) coatings to help with energy efficiency. This coating will help reflect sunlight away from your home which will protect your belongings from sun damage as well as help lower energy cost.

As mentioned above, window design plays a part in the final window cost. Picture windows are more expensive as are bow and bay windows. Single and double-hung windows will cost more but casement and awning windows are more energy-efficient and can protect your home from the elements. 

Additional upgrades will affect the cost as well. Things like decorative window glass (stained, frosted, tinted, etc.), window shape, and additional factors such as window grids. Extra locks for added security will also add drive up the window prices.

As you can see, there are many factors that affect window replacement costs. Your local windows and doors company can give you a free quote as well as help determine what type of windows are right for you.