Where to Buy Exterior Doors for Home: Tips for Oakville Homeowners

If you are in the midst of home renovations, you should consider replacing the entry doors of your home. Are you not sure where to buy exterior doors for your home and need some tips from the experts?

This article will give you some basics about exterior doors in Oakville, including materials and tips for installation. Keep reading to find out more about energy-efficient entry doors.

Where to Buy Exterior Doors for Home

Most Popular Materials for Exterior Doors

One of the most helpful tips for purchasing exterior doors Oakville is to acquire some knowledge of the different types of doors that are available. The following are some facts about the most commonly installed replacement doors in Oakville and the surrounding areas.

Aluminum Exterior Doors

If you are looking for an entry door that does not require a great deal of maintenance, aluminum doors are your best choice. Designed with a wood-grain or silky-smooth finish, aluminum doors are less likely to chip or rot than wood doors. This style of exterior doors is typically installed as storm doors or patio doors.

Fiberglass Exterior Doors

If energy efficiency is your main concern, fiberglass doors are the ideal choice. Just like their aluminum counterparts, they do not require much upkeep. They can withstand harsh weather conditions, as they are resistant to rotting and warping. They can be designed with an ornate finish that is similar to wood for a refined look. While they are one of the more expensive choices, they make up for it with the amount of money you will save on energy costs due to their superior insulation properties.

Steel Exterior Doors

Due to their durability, energy efficiency, and security, steel doors are one of the most popular choices amongst Oakville residents for exterior doors. They offer a great deal of versatility when it comes to design and does not require a lot of upkeep once they have been installed. Steel doors provide better insulation than wooden doors.

Vinyl Exterior Doors

One might not think of vinyl when they are considering exterior doors. However, they are quite a popular choice when it comes to patio doors. Hands down the most energy-efficient choice, they will help lower energy bills while providing durability and insulation at an affordable rate. The only disadvantage of this style of doors is that they are limited in their style options. 

Wood Exterior Doors

Wooden doors remain a popular choice for homeowners in Oakville because they give the home a traditional look and feel. Another plus is that they can be easily customized in a wide selection of materials, from oak to maple to pine. However, wood doors do not stand up to time as do other styles of doors because they tend to warp, rot, and crack. Keep in mind that while they are very aesthetic, wood doors require a great deal of maintenance, as they will need to be painted and repaired often as they age.

While you may be tempted to install your exterior doors on your own, you should consider purchasing them from reliable windows and doors company. So, that leads to the next question: where to buy exterior doors for the home?

When shopping for exterior doors, you need to make sure that the company provides a large selection of quality and energy-efficient exterior doors. As such, they must be willing to stand behind their products with a limited lifetime or extended warranty. For this reason, it is best to have your doors professionally installed. If they are somehow damped during the process, this will be covered by the warranty. But if you install them yourself, chances are this will not be covered.

Still not sure where to buy exterior doors for home? TH Windows and Doors Oakville offers a vast selection of energy-efficient and durable exterior doors. We will provide you with a free consultation and estimates at your convenience and advise you as to what style of door will best suit your home.